Model VI – Small Embryonic Consulting Company

This consulting model is encountered so infrequently that it may not deserve any detailed coverage in this blog.  This model is somewhat like a shooting star because it may exist as described here for a very short period of time. This sometimes exists in the formative years of newly established consulting companies and may be transitional in nature.


As a consultant works under the other consulting models, they develop their technical and professional skills but they also develop a series of references and contacts within the industry.  Their past clients are well aware of the skills of these consultants and know that they are not at risk if they contract directly with them.  As a consultant’s reputation within the industry grows, they may get more requests for their time that they have time available.  These requests come from past clients or from prospective clients who are acting upon the recommendation of a past client.


The reputation and references of the consultant are so strong that the client is willing to enter into a Model V arrangement with the consultant.   In those cases where the consultant cannot personally accept the contract that is being offered, they may have contacts with other consultants within the industry who are immediately available.


When this situation occurs, the consultant may continue to work as a consultant but they also begin to act as an intermediary between the client and alternative consultants.


Several outstanding consultants can form a loose association among themselves and can begin acting as intermediaries between other consultants and clients while they personally continue to offer their consulting services to clients.


As this arrangement grows, it is a natural development for the original consultants in the arrangement to form a business and to begin working as a consulting company rather than as a conglomeration of individual consultants.  The original consultants who formed the nucleus of the business transition into executive rolls in the new company and sometimes stop working as consultants entirely. Many successful consulting companies have evolved from loose arrangements that are described here as Consulting Model VI.