Impact on Personal Life

The impact of a career in consulting on your personal life will be much greater than you could ever imagine.


Constant travel places burdens on you and on your partners in life.  You are away from home a large percentage of the time. This causes issues for people who are in committed relationships but it also cause issues for single people as well.


For People in Relationships

Travelling places a burden on the person in the relationship who does not travel.  Those people must be able to deal with household emergencies without help when they arise.  They could become resentful of the person who travels for work as a result.  When considering a career in consulting, you must also think of the burden the decision will place on your partner.


Infidelity and jealously can become an issue.  It is natural for people to need emotional support from their partners.  If you or your partners needs that support during a time when you are travelling, you both must be able to resist the urge to seek that support from someone else.  Recognizing this human need, you must both be able to keep feelings of doubt and jealousy out of your relationship. 


Consulting work will cause you to miss some events that may be important to your partner.  This is more apt to happen if the event happens without notice.  If an event is planned, you should consider that when making your work schedule.  Whenever possible, you should attend those important events.   


You are likely to miss some events that happen in your children's activities.  You will miss school events, scouting events, dance recitals, sporting events and many others.  When an event like that comes up, you will have to make a decision about it.  You should be able to attend some but probably cannot attend all of them.  From my experience, this is just too much to sacrifice for some people who give up careers in consulting to be able to spend more time with their partners and kids.


For Single People


It may seem like it is an ideal profession for people who are single but that may not be the case.


If you want to find someone to share life with, working as a consulting can present challenges.  If you meet someone you are interested in at a client site, you have two issues. First, it may be awkward to have a relationship with a colleague.  Second, travel will cause burdens as well.  At the end of the week or at the end of the project, you will return home or you will move to the next client. Your travel will cause many of the same issues that married couples have but just in reverse.


If you meet someone in your home city, you will only be able to see them when you are home.  In new relationships, it is common for couples to need more time with one another.  A career as a consultant prevents you from being able to spend that time together.