Passion is More Than Just a Fruit

Passion should be an ingredient in everything you do as Technology consultants.  It is a cornerstone part of your culture and it is one of the things that separates us from all of the ‘also ran’ consulting companies in your industry.  You advertise your passion and your customers expect to see it when you work on their projects.  It is an intangible but it should always be a part of your work.

Passion is hard to describe but you all know when it is present.  Your clients and fellow Technology consultants know it too.  Showing passion does not require a person to be loud and outgoing because it can be shown by people with all different personalities.  You can tell when someone has passion when you hear conviction in their speech and you can see passion in their eyes.

Passion conveys strong feelings and tells the client that you care about your work. You care about the products you work with, you care about your fellow Technology consultants and about your company. You care about quality in your work.  You care about details and don’t leave things to chance. You care about your professional knowledge and practical education. You care about the contribution you make and you demand a lot from yourself.  Passion and all of the things that Passion implies are some of the reasons that your projects are successful.  It is also one of the reasons that you can succeed in projects when other consultants and other consulting companies can’t.

Passion may be even more important when communicating with prospective clients in phone calls, at conferences and presentations.  It is a strong differentiator when prospective clients are making decisions about their consulting partners.  You need to give prospective clients as many reasons as you can to help them select you and your company for their projects.

Consistently showing your passion helps your company attract employees who also have passion.  People with similar traits are drawn to your company and synergy develops.

Be conscious of this important ingredient and nurture it. Help your fellow Technology consultants develop and show their passion.  Passion is the heart of success.







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