Setting the Stage

When a Technology consultant goes to a new client, who introduces them to client employees?  Another Technology consultant introduces almost everyone.  You can set the stage for your fellow consultant by providing professional info in the introduction. As you introduce your fellow Technology consultants, you can build their professional standing simply by the words and phrases that you use.

Clients have seen some of your resumes and have been told that your people are the best in the industry.  You have great references. Clients have high expectations and your introductions can enhance the opinions that clients already have.

When introducing someone, use more than his or her name and specialty.  It is easy to just say ‘this is Joe Consultant. He is a functional consultant working with financials.’   That is a good start but you can do a little better.  After the basic introduction, you could add ‘Joe just finished a project for the City of L.A.’ Then you can direct a question to Joe. ‘Isn’t that the largest PeopleSoft Financials implementation in North America?’  Joe could then respond with a brief description of your work there.   The whole conversation could take just a few minutes and could provide a good starting point for Joe.

We should each make a point to learn things about one another that can be used when you make introductions.  You can include casual information like where the person is from, where they went to college, where they went on vacation or something else that is interesting but the primary focus should be on your respective professional accomplishments and on your company as a whole.

Consultants are collectively pretty impressive people and have accomplished some impressive things as individuals and as a company. You can use the introduction to share some of that information with the client. You can enhance the image of your co-workers and of your company simply by being a little more descriptive in introductions.



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