So What Do I Do Now

Being on the Bench occasionally is a normal and expected part of your industry.  It results from timing as much as anything else.  Resources become available but new projects are not starting at exactly the same time.  The skills of available resources may not be a good match for the requirements of the projects that are starting.  It becomes a waiting game and Technology consultants sometimes find themselves on the Bench from a few days to even a few months.

‘So what do I do now?’ is a question that you ask yourself when you go onto the bench.  You should simply use the first few days or even a week to recover from the rigors of the recently completed project.  ‘Go Live’ is typically supported with excessive work hours and weekend work.  Bench time can allow people who are tired from the culmination of their newly completed project to recover and to rejuvenate themselves.

Once you have rested a little and have recovered, then what do you do?  You could simply sit back and wait for your next assignments but that is not productive and does not further the career goals of the individual or the business goals ofyour company.  One good way to spend that time is to consciously do things that will develop your professional skills.  You can do a self-evaluation to determine where you think you need improvement.  You can ask management where they want you to develop.



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