Soft Skills

In order to be a successful consultant, you must have the appropriate technical skills.  In other words, you need to have expert level skills and knowledge in the topic are that you consult in but that is not enough! You also need to be skillful in areas that support your consulting work.  Soft Skills may be less important than your technical skills but not by much.


You must be able to communicate effectively using virtually every communications medium including:


  • Written
  • Verbal  (both casual as well as formal conversations)
  • Formal Presentations  (includes presentation materials as well as text)
  • Non-verbal  (this is a form of communication based upon how you act rather than what you say or write)

You must also be able to use the tools that are used to prepare and to present formal presentations.  The most commonly used tools are in the Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Publisher).


Soft Skills can be improved and developed if attention is given to this area.


Ways to Improve Soft Skill Areas


You can improve your Soft Skills in many different ways but it really requires practice.  You can take specific classes You can also take every opportunity to practice in each area.  For example, you can write Letters to the Editor of your local newspaper to give yourself practice writing documents for others to read. .  Written Soft Skills


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