What to Expect

Becoming a consultant can cause dramatic changes in your life and in the way you are perceived by people you come in contact with.


Treatment by Co-Workers and Client Employees

Being a consultant imparts an expert status at work. People defer to you. They want your opinion and input. You are an expensive resource and that improves the way that people respond to you. As a consultant, you sometimes lead meetings and teams. You enjoy a position of authority. The way that you are treated is intoxicating.


This deferential treatment can change quickly if people lose respect for your professional knowledge and skill.


Treatment by Service Providers


You will see many of the same service people from week to week including people at airline counters, rental car counters, hotels and restaurants.  Since their business is geared heavily toward frequent travelers, they are trained to cater to your needs.  That is also very intoxicating and can lead to a sense of entitlement.


Treatment by Family


Your work makes it possible for you to provide your family with a relatively high standard of living.  Your income supports leisure travel and you can also use the travel benefits that you earn for personal travel.  Since consulting work puts a burden on families in some respects, your treatment by family members may not always be positive but your personal life will definitely be affected by your work.